Emil Råberg

Emil Råberg worked as a composer in residence in Iceland with Kammerkór Suðurlands in 2014. The new composition Níu nætur (English: Nine nights) was premiered by the choir during Dark Music Days festival in Reykjavik on 1st of February 2015. The lyrics for the piece is an excerpt from Gerður Kristný’s “Blóðhófnir”, a paraphrase of “Skírnismál” from the “Poetic Edda”.

Emil Råberg is a Swedish composer with a Master’s degree in composition from School of Music in Piteå, where he studied for Professor Jan Sandström. Emil composes music for symphony orcherstra, chamber music and choir. His music to Willam Blake’s poem ‘The Tyger’ (2009), has been performed by many choirs in Sweden and found its way across the world – from Hawaii to Hong-Kong. In 2014 Emil was commissioned as composer-in-residence at Umeå International Choir Festival to compose the piece ‘Lux arctica’.