Kom skapari - Come Creator (2017)

Come Creator is an album with new Icelandic compositions commissioned for the South Iceland Chamber Choir. The majority of the composers comes from a pop music background while the choir has showcased and published contemporary music, so the outcome is both surprising and entertaining.

The album contains music composed by Kjartan Sveinsson, Snorri Hallgrímsson, Bára Grímsdóttir, Páll Ragnar Pálsson, Vala Gestsdóttir, Haukur Tómasson, Benedikt Hermannsson, Örlygur Benediktsson, Ragnhildur Gísladóttir, Magga Stína, Georg Kári Hilmarsson, and Páll Guðmundsson á Húsafelli.

Work on the album started in 2012 and part of the music was premiered at Dark Music Days in Iceland in February that year. Jonas Sen, a renowned Icelandic music critic, chose the concert as the best choir concert of the year 2012.

The album was recorded over the course of three years at Sundlaugin studios in Iceland and is published by Smekkleysa - Bad Taste Music, with support from Tónlistarsjóður, Hljóðritasjóður, and SASS.


Iepo Oneipo - Heilagur draumur (2010)

The album contains choir compositions by Sir John Tavener as well as two compositions for soloists with band. Gudrun Johanna Olafsdottir, Mezzosoprano, performs Iero Oniro (Sacred Dream) and Hrolfur Saemundsson, Barriton, performs Three Holy Sonnets, which is recorded here for the first time. Published by Smekkleysa - Bad Taste Music.

Iepo Oneipo was nominated as Album of the Year in the category of classical and contemporary music at the Iceland Music Awards in 2011. In October 2010 it was selected as the Editor’s Choice in the UK publiation Gramohpone Magazine and that same year it was nominated for Kraumur’s Album Awards in Iceland.


Til Maríu

Contains religious music composed by Gunnar Reynir Sveinsson. In addition to South Iceland Chamber Choir, Hallveig Runarsdottir, Hrolfur Saemundsson, Anna Sigrdiru Helgadottir, Sverrir Gudjonsson, and Kari Thormar perform on the album. Published by Smekkleysa - Bad Taste Music.


Ég byrja reisu mín (2000)

Contains Icelandic church music for 1000 years. Icelandic composers arranged compositions from old song manuscripts in addition to songs based on old texts. Published by Smekkleysa - Bad Taste Music.