Thursday, April 11, 2013

The First Visual Since The Release of "38th && 8th", NeCo && Garcia Vega Bring Us To The Bronx For The First Two Tracks Off Of Their Apollo Brown Produced EP. From RoofTops To Back Blocks, Dallas Atoms Depict The Beginnings Of Their Come Up, As Well As The Everyday Banter Of Growing Up In Their Part Of New York. Directed By Jaison BlackRose, "Ring Out" Is A Smooth Listen, And Surely An Eye Catcher. DownLoad "38th && 8th"RIGHT HERE

38th && 8th - EP Download Link

Dallas Atoms deliver the extended play, "38th && 8th, entirely produced by Detroit producer, Apollo Brown. With a theatrical opening track, the mood is immediately set up to deliver far more than just 8 recordings slapped together for a project. With the diaphanous backdrop set by Apollo Brown, Dallas Atoms compliments each beat uniquely, while still creating a cohesive piece of work.  With more than just the tracklist telling a story, Dallas Atoms smoothly depict life in New York, love, scorn, and even find time to pay homage to Big Pun & Cuban Link, while still creating something original and authentic to who they are. Download 38th && 8th HERE from Datpiff, or HERE from MediaFire.

Monday, January 21, 2013

On 534 CommonWealth - Dallas Atoms Ft Raii Suave

Dallas Atoms Release Their Final Jam Before They Debut The Apollo Brown Produced Ep, "38th && 8th". Featuring Raii Suave, The Three Go Off on, "On 534 CommonWealth" And Plot A Come Up As They Easily Display, Lyrical Prowess At Its Finest. "38th && 8th" Dropping Feb 2013. Listen To "On 534 CommonWealth", HERE

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grand Concourse - Dallas Atoms

NeCo && Millz, Now Known As Dallas Atoms, Release The First Visual Off Of Their Third Collaborative Tape, "38th && 8th". The Name, Stemming From The Location Of Their Studio In Manhattan, Now Symbolizes And Embodies More Than Just Their Creative Home.  It Entails And Reminds The Two Of Where They Started, Where They Are, And Where They Need To Be. All Upcoming NY Artists Deal With The Struggles Of Having To Follow After Pioneers, Legends And Greats Alike. The Entire Tape Describes That Struggle For Balance, Of Needing To Remember And Stay True To The GroundWork Laid By Earlier Artists; While Still Trying To Be Your Own And Make Your Own Path For Others To Follow.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Way To Eternity

After A very very very very veryyyyyyy long wait, SICC Music has finally delivered the follow up to the 2010 mixtape, The Arrival. This Way To Eternity (TWTE), is filled with songful experiences, detailed choruses, and a plethora of ride around, PEAK Life cadences. DownLoad HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Or HERE!!!!

HulkShare Download Link Right HERE For Those That Dont Want DP Files. DownLoad

Bottles && Bud

Welcome To The Party. Such A PEAK Night. Peak Livin


The Second Promo Off Of The Caviar&&Cocaine Series

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Caviar. Eternity Droppin 5/31

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

After dropping PEAK Life, and a new Studio Daze, The Peak decided to drop off a new track off of This Way To Eternity. Money Dreams Motivates All . PEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKK LIFEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Second Visual Off Of The New Mixtape, This Way To Eternity, "PEAK Life" Provides A Look Into Our Way Of Life. Directed By None Other Than Jaison BlackRose, Enjoy && Feel The Vibe. PEAK Juice, PEAK Life, PEAK Music.......As Long As You On Top Of It All.....Your Dreams, Money, Work.....You PEAK Too